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More than three quarters of hospitals in Germany have difficulty filling their managerial positions. This is at its worst in small private clinics with up to 250 beds. These results from the study „Klinikmanagement 2012“ for the consulting firm Rochus Mummert, who interviewed hundreds of managers, administrators and directors of German hospitals.

In smaller hospitals with up to 250 beds and private hospitals, the situation is particularly critical: in both groups, 82 percent of respondents respectively complain about the problem of lack of management. In hospitals of public support, it is 79 percent. It is somewhat less dramatic is the situation in hospitals of a charitable support. But even here, 68 percent indicate that they have problems in filling senior positions.

„The healthcare industry has a great backlog in the training of leaders. The hospital bosses need to realise that their hospitals are economic establishments which depend on the management skills of those responsible.“ says Dr. Peter Windeck, study leader and partner of HR consultants Rochus Mummert.

Commentary: The study shows that the lack of skilled workers in German hospitals evidenced is not only among physicians and the nursing staff. If commercially trained professionals are missing, this is a key competitive disadvantage, especially in times of rising costs and increasing regulation. In clinical practice, hospital leaders need to spend most of their time on operational tasks and, consequently, important strategic decisions are left by the wayside.

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