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The Swiss doctor’s corporation "Zur Rose" has been able to record new growth impulses and has stemmed the loss of revenue during the last year. At 406 million Euro, the total turnover of the medications wholesaler from Stockborn was only a little under the result of the previous year. 

The earnings before interest and taxes  (EBIT) were 4.16 million Euro, on the strength of investments in growth projects in both Swiss and EU markets. Taking into account tax-related one-time items, the company’s profit was 7.24 million Euro. This means they were able to more than double the previous year’s result.

In Switzerland the long-standing medical practitioners‘ business (260 million Euro) and medication mail order service for patients (81 million Euro) has achieved a turn-around in both areas of activity; in Germany, however, business was still declining slightly in 2011.

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