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On behalf of news channel „n-tv“, the Deutsche Institut für Servicequalität has has examined the 20 largest health insurance companies. Techniker Krankasse finished in 1st place, ahead of SBK Siemens BKK and AOK Nordost. 

A distinction was made between health insurance for those retired, families and single people. Three criterion were used in the process: telephone conversations, internet presence, and response to e-mail.

With respect to benefits, data from the „Krankenkassen-Kompass“ evaluated choice tariffs, bonus programs and health promotion in particular.

Techniker Krankasse finished ahead of Barmer GEK and SBK Siemens BKK in overall performance. For families, AOK Plus, Techniker Krankenkasse, Barmer GEK, AOK Bayern, KKH Allianz and AOK Nordost performed strongly.

Retirees are recommended to go with SBK Siemens BKK, followed by Techniker Krankasse and DAK-Gesundheit. Also performing well were KKH-Allianz, Barmer GEK and AOK Nordost. For single people, Techniker Krankasse again finished top.

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