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The Internet portal offers support to doctors looking for information on medications. The project is currently in its pilot phase and aims to reduce the time spent by doctors doing web research.

The free platform’s service packet comprises detailed information in the form of scientific studies, patient brochures or further training events concerning the medication in question. Furthermore, the users of the service can request a sample as well as a field service visit. It is also planned to add information on congresses and technical literature which relate to the inquired medications. In future, a recommendation service – along the lines of Amazon – is also supposed to be integrated, which will show inquiries made by colleagues.

Currently, the infoportal offers test phase information for the preparations Hepa-Merz and ferinject.

Commentary: In view of the fact that knowledge and its availability are increasingly being digitalized on computer supported platforms, the general question has to be asked whether in the long term traditional categories of understanding technical knowledge will topple.