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The mail order pharmacy Vitalsana of collapsed firm Schlecker will be continued. Long-standing and experienced members of the management of the Company and Schlecker Vitalsana had decided to take over the company and continue the delivery of drugs and other pharmaceutical products, explained the liquidator of Schlecker Group, Arndt Geiwitz. It remains to be seen if the Pick Up part of the business will continue its operation.

The pharmaceutical line will continue to obtain pharmacists Martina Müller und Dr. Peter Mackenstein. Winfried Filzek will take over the commercial management of Vitalsana and ApDG, as the Director of Purchasing has already been at the company since it began.  Filsek said: „We will strengthen our core mail order business quickly, set up new collaborations, and ask that with the same good quality and service, our customers continue to trust us.“ (Quote translated by Kon.Media)

The mail order pharmacy, situated in the Netherlands, currently has 70 employees. In 2008, Schlecker had established a Pick-Up-System with mail order pharmacy Vitalsana in their own drugs stores. After the insolvency, the drug store chain had searched for an investor, but without success.

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