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GVWG: Decision-making powers for nursing staff extended

The Act on the Further Development of Health Care (GVWG), which was passed by the Bundestag on 11 June, contains extensions and changes with regard to financial relief for those in need of care, but also important details for care workers. These include, among other...

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CURE Finance: Is smart banking becoming a competitor?

Many health professionals, such as doctors and pharmacists, have to carry out activities such as financial and accounting processes and their work with patients. Martin Buhl, who has many years of experience in banking, including at PayPal, founded the start-up Cure...

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eurocom discusses aid supply in Europe

At this year's members' meeting of eurocom, the manufacturers' association for compression therapy, orthopedic aids, and digital health applications, there was much discussion, especially about advancing and expanding the supply of aids in Europe. Further development...

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SHI financial situation: health system must be redesigned

A DAK health study certifies that the reorganization of the financing of the health care system will be a priority after the Bundestag elections. Politicians from the SPD and the Greens and the CDU and the FDP each see it the same way. However, the plans are currently...

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Gloomy forecast for SHI due to excessive expenditure

DAK Gesundheit has commissioned the IGES Institute to prepare an expert report analyzing health insurance expenditure. According to the report, DAK boss Andreas Storm's summary generally looks negative for the statutory health insurance (SHI) because the Berlin...

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