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Medical Technology Sector: Outlook Positive until 2025

German industry association Spectaris has just published the industry figures for the medical technology sector for January to August 2021, welcoming the growth trajectory for 2021. However, Sepctaris also warns that rising costs for raw materials and logistics,...

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Startup Thryve Provides Health Data for Healthcare Research

The Berlin-based company Thryve, a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute was founded in 2017 as a technology startup and has since been intensively involved in the collection of health data from patients who wear wearables, fitness trackers or other connected medical...

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Algea Care: With medical cannabis to success?

Cannabis startup Algea and its parent company, Bloomwell Group, which was only founded a year ago, want to conquer the cannabis market in Europe. Medical cannabis has also been prescribable in Germany since 2017. However, the recreational market with cannabis products...

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Holetschek Calls for Further Care Reforms

In the state of Bavaria, there is now a so-called Minister of Health and Care, whose main focus is on the people who need care and their relatives. Klaus Holetschek, Minister for Health and Care, is therefore calling on the future federal government to implement plans...

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DSG Demands New Financing Concepts in Tele-Neurology

The German Stroke Society (DSG) is campaigning for teleneurological healthcare in Germany and is calling for new funding concepts in the field of tele-neurology, because this area is not uniformly financially regulated and the network situation in this country is...

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Innovations for Pharmacies Starting 2022

Pharmacies and other service providers can be contract partners of health insurance funds in the field of medical aids and must fulfill certain requirements, so-called suitability criteria. The basis for this is the Fifth Social Code with Section 126, which also...

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