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Medios Expands with Acquisition of Newco Pharma

Berlin-based Medios AG reports an impending acquisition. According to an agreement, Medios will buy NewCo Pharma GmbH, a national network in Germany. NewCo Pharma Group's network specializes in the production of patient-specific infusion solutions that are ordered by...

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Start-up Xmed IQ: Marketplace for Medical Products

Medical consumables such as gloves, protective masks and, for example, medical implants can in future be purchased by hospitals and clinics via a new platform from the start-up Xmed iQ, without incurring commissions for handling the purchases in the clinic sector. The...

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Reliq Health Technologies INC. Expands Hospice Care Platform

Reliq Health Technologies Inc., a global medtech company headquartered in Hamilton, Canada, is primarily engaged in virtual healthcare in the area of telemedicine and care solutions for the global healthcare market and has enormous growth potential as a result. Reliq...

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Is Omikron potentially more dangerous than the Delta variant?

Scientists, including Florian Klein, director of the Institute of Virology at the University Hospital of Cologne, have already compiled some findings on the new corona variant Omikron from South Africa and suspect that the new variant could have a higher infectivity,...

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Jameda: Acquisition by Docplanner Group

Docplanner Group, which was founded in Poland in 2012 and operates mainly in Europe and Latin America, is expanding its range of services and pooling its strengths with the acquisition of the digital communication platform jameda; the effective date is January 1,...

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